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Targeted acquisitions of assets in markets currently favorable to sale of assets on a deferred model allowing for Dawn Asset Group to manage the assets for diversified income and yield optimization.

Dawn Asset Group builds targeted portfolios in strategic locations and fields by optimising and consolidating the portfolio to allow for an attractive and compliant investment for private and institutional investors.

Our group's extensive experience and network provides the framework to insure not only successful acquisitions but also optimized performance and competitive exits.

Sector driven
portfolio acquisitions

Focusing on 4 sectors within Europe and specifically
Italy as first geographical location.


Our Focuswhy italy?


Relationship driven opportunity to acquire underutilized assets with significant free equity in geographical locations very favorable to the individual use/future use of the assets.

The available portfolio size is €1,5 Billion plus and growing. Focused on the best regions for the individual Assets including but not limited to Tuscany, Milan, Rome, Florence and Venice.


Timing & Market Conditions

The Italian liquidity providers are strained at the moment and the lenders are not favorable to debt funded acquisitions in the region due to balance sheet limitations and risk concentration.

Thereby creating a market with huge demand for change in ownership structure and optimization but without a banking sector to support it.



Hospitality Hospitality


Focused purely on 4* and 5* luxury hotels creating a brand operated portfolio of lifestyle hotels in the most sought after regions of of Italy including Tuscany and Venice.

Agriculture Agriculture


Focused on “Lifestyle” agriculture. High-end Wine and Prosecco production diversified with Bio-organic sustainable farming.

Commercial Commercial


Unique and strategically placed commercial properties with multiple utilization possibilities.

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  • Mr Soren Lindberg Sorensen Emailsls@dawnassets.uk
  • Dawn Asset Management Limited (Registered in England No. 09964324)
    150 Aldersgate Street,
    London, EC1A 4AB

The Financial Model

Individual acquisition solutions are tailored to suit each asset and its geographical location. And we pride ourselves on the flexibility of our solutions.

Each individual asset is acquired in an “newco” optimised for the respective seller/buyer ownership structure and transaction jurisdiction.


Legal & Accounting

Legal: DMH Stallard
Accounting: Moore Stephens